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Social Work

Location: Bldg 3641

Hours of Operation: 0730-1630

Phone: (210) 916-3523/3045

Mission Statement

Provide a comprehensive behavioral health psychosocial assessment for all service members assigned to the WTU. Manage risk identified during the interview/assessment and document the actions taken in the Allied Health Longitudinal Technology Application (AHLTA). In collaboration with the case manager, ensure that behavioral health counseling/treatment is provided. To the degree that staffing levels allow, provide counseling/treatment to service members and their Family members, using the modalities of individual, couples, family, and group therapy.


The primary responsibility of the Behavioral Health Social Worker assigned to the WTU is to provide the Soldier and the health care team with a comprehensive psychosocial assessment of the Soldier's Behavioral Health needs at the time of their assignment to the WTU. Through self assessment questions and structured interviews, we hope to identify Soldiers who are experiencing psychological distress such as depression, anxiety, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, who may be struggling with alcohol abuse, sleep disturbance, mood problems, excessive anger, relationship problems, and feelings of hopelessness. We hope to also further identify for further evaluation, Soldiers who might not have been previously diagnosed with mild Traumatic Brain Injury. Once the assessment is completed, the role of the Social Worker is to manage the identified risks (problems) and ensure that further specialty evaluations are initiated. The Social Worker will work closely with your nurse case manager to ensure that a comprehensive Behavioral Health treatment plan is developed and initiated. While you may see other members of the Behavioral Health treatment team, such as a psychiatrist for medication, and a psychologist for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the Social Worker can help you with relationship problems that have been created by or exacerbated by your injuries. In order to best help you, he/she may need to involve your spouse or family members in your treatment. There may also be times when the Social Worker will need to intervene with other systems on your behalf, in order to ensure that you are receiving the best care possible. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the Social Worker in providing comprehensive behavioral health services to you, it is imperative that you participate to the fullest in establishing with the Social Worker, your own goals and objectives for your time in the WTU.