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Occupational Therapy

Warrior Transition Battalion
3551 Roger Brooke Dr
Building 3646, Room 7

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri 0730-1630
Customer Service M-F 0800-1600
Closed Daily 1200-1300

Appointments/Front Desk
Phone: (210) 916-7709/7874

Battalion Occupational Therapist
Phone: (210) 916-7874

Alpha Co COTA
Phone: (210) 916-8843/0986

Bravo Co COTA
Phone: (210) 916-7684/8843

Mission Statement

Restore the Warrior in Transition's behavioral, psychosocial, vocational, avocational, and educational needs to maximize functional performance, quality of life, and readiness to return to duty or transition to a productive civilian life.

Vision Statement

Empower Independence

Occupational Therapy is a rehabilitation profession that incorporates the use of occupation and meaningful activity into the healing process. Occupational Therapists are trained in all aspects of human performance with an emphasis on balance between the heart, mind, body, and spirit.