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WTB Bravo Company

Liberty Field
Companies Alpha and Bravo
3822 Scofield Dr.

Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 0730 - 1700

Company Commander

  • Office: (210) 808-6622

Executive Officer

  • Office: (210) 808-6574

First Sergeant

  • Office: (210) 808-6623


  • Office: (210) 808-5796
  • Fax: (210) 808-6601

BN Mission Statement

Provide command and control, primary care, case management, leadership, training, accountability, administration, professional development, health, safety, & welfare of Warriors, Staff, and Civilians & Families assigned or attached to the BAMC-Warrior Transition Battalion to promote Warriors timely return to the force or transition to a productive veteran in the community.

B Co Mission Statement

“Provide command and control, primary care, and case management for Warriors in Transition to establish prime conditions for their healing while promoting their timely return to the force or their transition to a productive life as a veteran in the community. Assist and support families in order to provide Warriors in Transition an environment conducive to healing.”

Welcome from the Bravo Company Commander Spartan 6

Welcome to Bravo Company, Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB) Brooke Army Medical Center. Our number one mission here is to serve our Warriors. We are honored to serve you and your families while you are assigned or attached to the WTB. Your healing process should be the main focus while you are here. There is a wealth of resources here for you and your family and we pledge to work diligently to meet all of your needs and we will address any concerns you may have. Please never hesitate to ask a question or bring up a concern while you are with us. While here at the WTB you will have the best medical and administrative services in the world. We are sincerely grateful for the sacrifice you have made and the honorable service you have given. There is and will always be an open door policy for all of our Warriors. Dedication Warrior Service

~ Spartan 6


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