SAUSHEC Organization and Management

SAUSHEC's organization and management are detailed in the SAUSHEC Memorandum Of Agreement (MOA) and Bylaws approved by the Commanders of BAMC and WHMC and the Surgeons Generals of the Army and the Air Force. These documents direct that SAUSHEC will be governed by the SAUSHEC Dean and the SAUSHEC Board of Directors (BOD) under the oversight of the SAUSHEC Command Council (Commanders of WHMC and of BAMC). The Dean of SAUSHEC is designated by the Command Council to have the authority and responsibility for oversight and administration of the GME programs sponsored by SAUSHEC. The Dean shall be SAUSHEC's Designated Institutional Official (DIO) to the ACGME. The Board of Directors, chaired by the Dean, will approve policies developed by the GMEC ensure that approved policies and procedures are implemented at member hospitals and the Dean will ensure there is regular communication between the GME Committee and the appropriate governing committees and medical staff of BAMC and WHMC. Each Member hospital will have a SAUSHEC Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education (ADGME) to assist the Dean in dealing with GME issues at that institution. The ADGME will be a voting member of the SAUSHEC BOD and work with the Dean of SAUSHEC on the executive committee. Furthermore, the ADGME will be responsible for implementing the SAUSHEC BOD policies at his/her member institution.

The SAUSHEC GMEC, under the Chairmanship of the Dean provides administrative oversight to all Graduate Medical Education residency programs sponsored by SAUSHEC as required by ACGME. Voting Members of the SAUSHEC GMEC include:

The GMEC establishes and implements (after BOD approval) policies and procedures that affect all SAUSHEC GME programs regarding their content, design, quality of education, supervision and assessment of resident performance and the resident work environment. The GMEC has standing subcommittees (on Oversight, Resident issues, Curriculum, Administration and Resource/Information Management) that work on various GME issues.

Education Offices: Each member institution has an education office under a SAUSHEC ADGME which provides administrative support for GME in the member institution and are integrated into the Dean of SAUSHEC office.

House Staff (HS) Councils: Each SAUSHEC member institution has a HS Council. The HS Councils are peer appointed with a representative from each training program that trains at the member institution. The HS Councils meet at least quarterly and keep minutes which are reviewed and approved by the GMEC working through the GMEC Resident's issues subcommittee. The purpose of the HS Councils is to support house staff morale, provide residents with an organized forum to discuss HS issues as well as a mechanism to raise issues and bring them forward to the GMEC. The HS councils working with the ADGME of each member hospital ensure that there is HS membership on appropriate Member Institution hospital committees. The HS Councils of each member institution ensure that one Fellow and one Resident are peer selected to be voting members of the GMEC.