Medical Student Information

Thank you for your interest in the Medical Student Program at San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAMMC). Please review the following information. If you have questions that are unanswered on this page, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Coordinator by email at or by phone at 210-916-3231/6574.

Army students: Contact the Powless Guest House for availability at (210) 357-2705 or visit their website at The Powless Guest House is within walking distance of SAMMC. If rooms are unavailable, there are several hotels in the local area. Check online reviews before making a reservation. A non-availability statement from Powless Guest House is not required when making reservations at a local hotel. Always ask for the &qgovernment rate on military orders" when making reservations and provide the Hotel Tax Exemption form at check-in.

Air Force students: For ALL Air Force Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) students on Active Duty Tour, please follow the instructions and guidance provided by AFIT for all means of your ADT rotation travel: to include POV, airline travel, rental car, and hotel reservations. All travel instructions will be listed in your HPSP Confirmation letter sent to you by AFIT. Failing to follow AFIT travel guidance may result in forfeiture of travel reimbursement. Please direct all travel questions to:
1-800-543-3490, ext 3035.

Transportation: Medical Students rotating at SAMMC are authorized a rental vehicle when flying to San Antonio. All SAMMC staff, to include Medical Students, MUST park in the parking garage, levels 2-6 only. Walkway to hospital is on level 3. Medical Students driving privately owned vehicles will only be reimbursed for round-trip mileage, not for local travel.

Required Information: Medical Students must provide the following information at least two months prior to rotation start date. If required information is not provided, rotation will be cancelled without notice.

Access to the Installation: Must have military identification, driversí license, car insurance, registration, or rental vehicle agreement, as applicable.

Facility Access: Medical Students are issued a GME Medical Student badge with access to required areas at in-processing. Badges are controlled items and must be worn on outer garment, from the waist up, at all times and returned on last day of rotation. Badges can be returned 24/7 by placing in black box located outside of the Graduate Medical Education door.

In-processing: Arrive no later than 0650 on Monday morning (if Monday is a Federal Holiday, arrive Tuesday morning). In-processing begins promptly at 0700. Bring two sets of orders, Common Access Card (CAC) and two forms of identification if you do not have a CAC. Student Coordinator will send an email with additional information at least one week prior to your arrival date.

What to Wear: NO scrubs! If you are unsure of the correct wear of the uniform, contact your Recruiter or the Student Coordinator.

Air Force Students on Active Duty Tour (ADT): ABUs.

Army Students on ADT: ACUs. If annotated on orders, Army Medical Students must complete a diagnostic Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) requiring gray Army PT shirt, black Army PT shorts, yellow reflective belt, running shoes, white socks above the ankle and below the knee with no logos, CAC and dog tags.

Civilians and Non-ADT students: Business attire.

Scrubs: Two sets of scrubs are issued for each student. Scrubs MUST NOT be worn or taken outside of facility.

White Coat: Students may bring a white coat, however it may or may not be used depending on the rotation department.

Interviews: Interviews are scheduled directly with the departments. Request contact information from Student Coordinator.

Evaluations: School and military evaluations are provided at in-processing. Medical Students are responsible for providing evaluation forms to Preceptors. Medical Students are highly encouraged to follow-up on evaluations if not received prior to departure from SAMMC. Make sure you have contact information for your Preceptor before departing!

GME Out-processing: Student Coordinator will out-process Medical Students at 1400 on last Thursday of rotation, unless alternate day and/or time is requested. Student Coordinator will assist with travel voucher, sign Air Force Medical Studentsí orders, sign Army Medical Studentsí vouchers and provide Army Human Resources Command (AHRC) form 3924. Student is officially released from rotation by department.