Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Ultrasound Fellowship Program

The SAUSHEC Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound Fellowship is designed to be a 1 year advanced point of care ultrasound education program for clinicians interested in becoming experts and leaders in this growing subspecialty. The use of point of care ultrasound is now widespread at both community and academic hospitals (civilian and military) across a variety of medical specialties. It has been used extensively by emergency and critical care physicians to improve diagnostic accuracy at the bedside, safely guide invasive procedures, rapidly detect life threatening pathology, avoid unnecessary ionizing radiation for the patient, monitor the effects of an ongoing resuscitation, and improve ED and ICU throughput. It has also seen extensive use on the battlefield to facilitate triage decisions, justify utilization of scarce medical assets such as medical evacuation, and resuscitate critically wounded soldiers. The fellowship will adhere to the ACEP Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship Guidelines (ACEP 2008) and the American College of Chest Physicians Consensus Statement on Competence in Critical Care Ultrasonography (ACCP 2009). There are four primary components: sonologist training/procedural competency, teaching, research/scholarly activity, and administration. For sonologist training, there will be 2 tracks: one for emergency physicians and one for critical care physicians. These tracks have significant overlap but are tailored specifically for each physician’s primary focus.

Points of Contact

Program Director

Phone: (210)916-6129
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SAUSHEC Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Fellowship
Department of Emergency Medicine
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Fort Sam Houston TX 78234-6200

Program Coordinator

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Brooke Army Medical Center
Department of Graduate Medical Education
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Wilford Hall Medical Center
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Army GME

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5109 Leesburg Pike, Skyline 6, Room 691A
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