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Location: Medical Mall, 2nd Floor

Hours of Operations: Mon - Fri, 0700-1600

To receive an appointment:
Followup Call (210) 916-0716 option #2 or
Central Appt (210) 916-9900
To contact a physician call 210-916-0716 option #2 to submit a telephone consult. If you are not contacted for a consult appointment within 3-5 days; please call 210-916-9900 and inform the clerk.

The Urology Clinic provides care to adolescent, adult and geriatric patients. Pediatric Urology is supported by the Urology Service onsite in the BAMC Pediatric Clinic. Active duty and Tricare Prime patients have priority care; other categories are seen on a space available status.

Services include genitourinary reconstructive surgery, medical and surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction, benign obstructive hyperplasia, urolithiasis, female urologic disorders and other miscellaneous voiding dysfunction, genitourinary oncology, family planning services, and infertility.

Our goals are: