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Pain Management

Location: BAMC (Medical Mall, beside main Pharmacy)

Hours of Operations: 0730-1600 Mon - Fri, Except Holidays

Fax: (210) 916-3050

Referral Clinic Only

Appointments: (210) 916-2888

Complementary and Integrative Medicine Center ( CIMC ): (210) 916-8256

If your are not contacted for a consult appointment within 3-5 days; please call 210-916-9900 and inform the clerk.


Provide compassionate comprehensive pain care while advancing medical education and research to optimize readiness and function, and empower patients and their families to maximize their quality of life.


To change the culture of pain management by decreasing medication and treatment risk and emphasizing self-management, function, and quality of life.

Our Goals

We provide pain management for patients suffering from a wide variety of pain disorders. Our goals are: