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Endocrinology Service

Location: 1st floor, Medical Mall side of SAMMC

Hours of Operation: 0730-1600 (non-holiday weekdays)

Phone: (210) 916-8589

DSN: 429-8589

Fax: (210) 916-3877

Scope of Services

The Endocrinology Service is a subspecialty clinic and is accessible to new patients by a referral. We provide state of the art, non-surgical care of adult patients with disease processes that include: pituitary dysfunction, thyroid dysfunction, thyroid cancer, adrenal dysfunction, bone/mineral disease such as osteopenia and osteoporosis, and gonadal dysfunction. The Endocrinology clinic also provides metabolic testing for our patients and by referral. We also perform thyroid biopsies using ultrasound guidance. Patients with diabetes are seen by referral in the Diabetes Center of Excellence at Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center.

Types and Ages of Patients

We see patients who are Active Duty and Tricare Prime under age 65 as first priority. We will see Tricare standard and Tricare for Life over age 65 and patients enrolled elsewhere only on a space available basis. All consults are reviewed before scheduling. Patients are accepted based on reason for consult and appointment availability.