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Asthma - PEAK Program

Location: Pulmonary Clinic, 3rd Floor

Hours of Operation: 0800-1630

Phone: (210) 916-0945 or DSN 429-0945 for PEAK Program Coordinator

Phone: (210) 916-2153 or DSN 429-2153 for Pulmonary Clinic

Keep the Air Flowing

Patient Education for Asthma Knowledge Program

The PEAK Program is the asthma self-management education program at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC). It is designed to help bring asthmatics, whether young or old, to the highest level of asthma control.

The PEAK Program uses a team approach, educational sessions, follow up, and most importantly you, the asthmatic patient and family, as its foundation.

The PEAK Program offers you the latest recommendations and information for your asthma self management, guidance, support, access to care, and program enrollment for one year.

To enroll, have your Primary Care Provider, Pulmonologist, or Allergist send a referral to the Asthma Education BAMC .

You can also self refer to the PEAK Program if you are currently prescribed asthma medications. Call (210) 916-9900, then use option #5, then option #3 .

For questions call the PEAK Program Coordinator at (210) 916-0945 or the Pulmonary Clinic at (210) 916-2153.