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Medical Management Center (MMC)

Location: 3051 Garden Ave, Ft Sam Houston, TX

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 6:00 am - 3:00 pm

  • Director: 210-808-6794
  • Care Coordinator: 210-808-6793

Care Teams

  • US Army North/South
  • BAMC
  • 407 MI BDE/701st MP/Joint Base Lackland
  • 32nd Med Brigade
  • Academy Brigade (Provisional)

The Medical Management Center (MMC) was established at Fort Sam Houston in January 2012. MMC identifies medically not ready (MNR) Soldiers, formalizing reporting procedures, identifying barriers to treatment and coordinating the systems of soldier care. By providing care coordination personnel to interact directly with the Soldier, the chain of command, and the Military Treatment Facility, the MMC is working towards reducing the number of MNR Soldiers assigned to Fort Sam Houston. Ultimately, our goal is to return a maximum number of Soldiers back to the fighting force.

Our Nurse Case Manager (NCM) and Care Coordinators (CC) provide the critical connection between command and the medical system for over 9,000 Soldiers assigned to Fort Sam Houston. Using data from MEDPROS, E-profile, ALTHA and CHCS, we identify MNR Soldiers and facilitate care coordination to maximize the Soldier’s recovery. Early identification of Soldiers needing additional support and medical management ensures they receive appropriate and timely treatment to facilitate healing and recovery.

Helpful Links

The e-Profile application within the Medical Operational Data System (MODS) suite allows global tracking of all Army Soldiers who have been determined by the medical system to have a temporary or permanent medical condition rendering them medically not ready to deploy.

The AMEDD developed MEDPROS web reporting to track all immunizations, medical readiness, and deployability data for all active and reserved components of the Army as well as DA Civilians, Contractors and others. It is a powerful tool allowing the Chain of Command to determine the medical and dental readiness of individuals, units, and task forces. Commanders and Medical leaders at various echelons are responsible for the use and implementation of MEDPROS to measure their units/individual medical readiness status.